Who are We

"Welcome aboard Virtual Enter, place for aviation enthusiasts real and virtual.Our operations is based on the real schedules operated by the airlines as well as procedures used by the airline in the real world. Virtual enterair Airlines uses special ICAO code ENT as an representive on the skies of virtual network called VATSIM and IVAO."

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Virtual Enter, was founded by aviation enthusiasts. All operational and logistics are performed in the virtual world of VATSIM network using MS Flight Simulator. Both founders of the line as well as the members has a great importance in maintaining high standard of operations performed. We hope to get closer to the real world of aviation, as much as its possible.

Virtual Enter has three main operation base in Poland which are: Warsaw Chopin International Airport, Katowice International Airport, Poznan Internatiol Airport. Enter Air Virtual Airlines fleet as well as at HUB's operate from different attractive airports such as: Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Rzeszow, Bydgoszcz and Lodz.

Pilots of Virtual Enter have years of experience and excellent qualifications. We have our own training center crews are adequately staffed with teachers, so that the level of training is regularly monitored and raised.

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Meet the Team.

We Are A Bunch Of Hard Working Individuals
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Lukasz Mikolajczyk


Oversees and ensures the efficent operations of the company.

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Jacek Obrycki

Vice CEO / Founder /

Responsible for Vatsim

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Wojciech Korzeniewski

Chief of pilots/ HR

Responsible for all Pilots and staff

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Kacper Banachowski

Chief of pilots/ HR

Responsible for all Pilots and staff

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Maciej Krzysik

Schedules Manager

Responsible for Schedules /Routes